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University High School Pep Squad Donation

The UNI Pep Squads are asking for your help to support our program and team! 

High school is so much more than buildings and books. Athletics, clubs, and organizations combine to create a rich high school experience. We are proud to have a very successful Cheer and Song Program and your support will go a long way in helping our squads compete at both regional and national level competitions.

In years past we've had donations coincide with uniform fitting day in Coach Shrake's classroom.  Because of the pandemic we're trying to give parents flexibility to contribute.   There are four ways to contribute, listed below.   Also, checks will not be cashed until July 15, 2020.  We can do the same for Credit Cards as well if needed-just let us know.  As parents ourselves, we know there are a lot of initial expenses, ie uniforms, in the beginning.  Please reach out to us with any concerns or questions and we can work with you individually.

Four options to contribute:

1) Lump Sum Check =$850

2) Lump Sum Credit Card= $875 (=$850 plus cc fees); click the Donate button above to donate via PayPal now

3) Three Installment Checks: Mail all three checks together. 1st check $300 dated 7/15/2020, 2nd check $300 dated 9/15/2020, 3rd check $250 dated 11/15/2020. 

4) Three Installment Credit Cards: Fill out this Credit card authorization form and email to our treasurer (see email for detail). The transaction date will be 7/15/ $310, 9/15 $310, and 11/15 $255. 

For options 1) and 3), please make checks out to UHS Pep Squad, and see email for mailing instructions.

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The California state budget is at an all-time low, and funds from Sacramento cover less and less each passing year. Rather than eliminate these programs, booster clubs were established with the goal of sustaining them for the benefit and enrichment of students throughout their high school years.  As with all programs in public schools, we receive minimal financial support from the school which requires us to rely heavily on financial contributions.

With donations from families, businesses, and friends last year, we were able to compete and place at national competitions. In order to make this year a fun and exciting time for everyone, the Booster Club needs help from our boosters and the community. It costs over $2,000 per student to run a successful program. The cost of running the program includes competition entry fees, purchase of equipment, and payment of our coaches’ stipends, just to name a few. The University High School cheerleaders and songleaders participate in numerous fundraising events throughout the year to help offset some of the costs involved. But they need help!

The UHS Cheer and Song program can only be successful with your support. We are dedicated to the promotion and advancement of cheerleading and songleading as a recognized and respected athletic and disciplined sport. Your tax deductible donation will go a long way in supporting our program.

We appreciate your support!

University High School Pep Squad Booster Club 
A California 501c3 non-profit organization         Tax ID# 20-5246271

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